“Mahua Moitra Mortgaged Country’s Security For Money”: BJP MP

Nishikant Dubey asserted the MP’s parliamentary ID was utilized in Dubai when she was in India.


New Delhi: The Mahua Moitra-Darshan Hiranandani testimony contention heightened on Saturday with both the BJP and the Trinamool Congress MP terminating salvos at one another. While MP Nishikant Dubey of the BJP asserted the TMC MP had sold the country’s security for cash, guaranteeing that her parliamentary ID was utilized in Dubai when she was in India, Ms Moitra hit back and blamed the MP for spilling data.

Mr Dubey, who had documented the grievance against Ms Moitra before the Lok Sabha Speaker, blaming her for accepting hush money for posing inquiries in Parliament, claimed on Saturday that the Public Informatics Community (NIC) has informed an examining office that her ID was utilized in Dubai when she was in India.


In a post on X, previously Twitter, in Hindi, Mr Dubey wrote in Hindi, “A MP sold the country’s security for some cash. The parliament ID was opened in Dubai when the alleged MP was in India. The whole Indian government, the Top state leader of the country, the money division, the focal organizations are on this NIC.”


“Do @AITCofficial the resistance actually maintain that should do governmental issues? It is the public’s choice. NIC has given this data to the examining office,” he added, without taking Ms Moitra’s name or revealing which office the data had been given to.


Countering Mr Dubey’s cases, the TMC MP requested that the NIC discharge subtleties freely and show that MPs were genuinely present in places from where their IDs were gotten to by their own partners, analysts, understudies and staff individuals.


In his testimony, finance manager Darshan Hiranandani had guaranteed that Ms Moitra had given him her parliament login ID to approach inquiries on the Adani bunch, which she felt was the “main way” to target Top state leader Narendra Modi.


The finance manager guaranteed Ms Moitra needed to rapidly become well known at the public level and she was told by her companions and consultants that the most brief conceivable course to notoriety was by expressly going after PM Modi.


He said the TMC MP set regular expectations and continued to ask him for different blessings. This included giving her costly extravagance things, offering help on the redesign of her authoritatively dispensed cabin in Delhi, travel costs and occasions.


Ms Moitra has denied the claims and said she is prepared to confront inquiries from the Lok Sabha’s Morals Council, which is investigating Mr Dubey’s protest.

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