Assam Government Announces Financial Aid For Durga Puja Pandals In State

Thedecision was taken in the state bureau meeting held in Guwahati under the chairmanship of Boss Priest Himanta Biswa Sarma.


Guwahati: In front of the Durga Puja celebration, the Assam government on Tuesday has chosen to give ₹ 10,000 to each 6953 puja pandals across the state as awards in-help.

The choice was taken in the state bureau meeting held in Guwahati under the chairmanship of Boss Pastor Himanta Biswa Sarma.


Reporting the bureau choices, Assam The travel industry Priest Jayanta Shopping center Baruah said that, ₹ 10,000 each eventual given to 6953 puja pandals as awards in-help.




“The state bureau likewise concluded that all bureau priests will remain for 5 days and 5 evenings at a specific town from December 25 to January 10, 2024. Establishment stones will be laid for 400 new structures of high and higher optional schools and of these 100 will be totally new schools in tea garden regions. For the remodel of structures of old schools, ₹ 7 crore will be dispensed to each school and establishment stones to be laid from December 25 to January 10, 2024. The 5 towns will be looked over 5 changed zones. During their visit, the Clergymen will survey pragmatic execution of government assistance plans, including the degree of immersion accomplished in such plans,” Mr Baruah said.


Mr Baruah said that the state bureau has additionally taken the choice of settlement of land for 123 native, landless families (105 groups of Charaideo and 18 groups of Darrang) for estate purposes in metropolitan regions under Mission Basundhara 2.0. The proposal of settlement has previously been given to in excess of 55,000 landless families after endorsement from separate locale SDLACs and oversight by Gatekeeper Priests.


“The state bureau likewise supported the Occasion list for 2024, to reinforce its monetary wellbeing, extraordinary advance measure of ₹ 54 crore and exceptional interest of ₹ 10.92 crore as on Walk 31, 2023 of Assam Monetary Enterprise to be changed over towards value capital of the Company, Select In and Quit choices for Non-Rehearsing Recompense (NPA) to be given to specialists under Wellbeing Division once at regular intervals of administration length w.e.f. 1 January 2024. NPA will be carried out to all specialists working under the Wellbeing Division from the position of M&HO-I to the position of DHS, uniform retirement date for Anganwadi Laborers and Anganwadi Aides in small Anganwadi Focuses (AWCs), the date of surrender of administrations for all Anganwadi Laborers and Partners in scaled down AWCs will be April 30 of the year on or soon after fruition of 60 years old, and their administrations will be suspended likewise.” Clergyman Baruah further said.


Mr Baruah further expressed that to support inexhaustible power, the state bureau concluded that, the 24-MW Karbi Langpi Center II Hydro Power Venture would be carried out at a reexamined cost of ₹ 417.32 crore and it will likewise create business open doors for 150 individuals during the development stage and 44 individuals during the activity stage.


“To reinforce AIDC, the state bureau chose to successfully use HPCL’s assets venture of ₹ 758.75 crore made by Assam government under Awards in-Help towards securing of resources and installment of help bundle to be changed over as a value speculation by Assam government in AIDC, breaking point of approved share capital of AIDC to be improved from existing ₹ 150 crore to ₹ 1000 crore to oblige the proposed speculation of Assam government and this is to fortify and engage AIDC as a chief modern advancement partnership,” he added.

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