Specialists direct ultrasonic testing of Konark Sun Sanctuary’s iron shafts

Around a long time back, the bars were destroyed from the sanctum and supplied at a spot.

Specialists have begun ultrasonic and compound testing of iron light emissions thirteenth century wonder Konark Sun Sanctuary from Wednesday to know the antiquated assembling innovation and consumption pace of the enormous shafts. A group of specialists from the Jamshedpur-put together Public Meteorological Research facility with respect to benefit of the Science and Innovation Service is doing the ultrasonic test while one more group from Bhubaneswar-IIT is leading electrochemical testing of the beams.The specialists are likewise attempting to realize the effect pace of erosion on the bars.

Outstandingly, around 30 enormous iron shafts were utilized on the façade and section points of the widely popular Sun sanctuary in Konark. Around a long time back, the pillars were destroyed from the sanctuary and loaded at a spot. What has bewildered the specialists is that despite the fact that the iron pillars have been lying presented to the saline climate of the beach front part for north of 500 years, these objects of interest have kept the rusting under control.

This adequately shows the metallurgical information on the modelers who constructed the sanctuary which actually remained against the desolates of time.Apart from getting a knowledge into the assembling system used to make such enormous pillars in old times which are rust proof in nature, the specialists will likewise attempt to comprehend the level of effect being borne by the iron bars from saline-content air.Taking to journalists, Omkar Mohanty, Resigned teacher of IIT Kharagpur, said, “During the testing, we are not cutting into the shafts.

How might we understand what lies inside? Ultrasonic tests will uncover the internal arrangement of the shafts. We are additionally doing its erosion test known as an electrochemical test to know its pace of rusting, as these shafts actually exist in the space near the ocean notwithstanding lying presented to air. In the seaside region, there are chlorine and chloride contents in the air.”


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