“Great Regard Individuals Of Tamil Nadu But…”: Mamata Banerjee On ‘Sanatana’

Mamata Banerjee, who has stayed aware of calm for more than a day, made some clamor after Congress comments on the issue.

Bengal Boss Pastor Mamata Banerjee on Monday flagged her objection at Tamil Nadu serve Udhayanidhi Stalin over his “Sanatana Dharma” comments, which have set off a political frenzy in front of a line of state races and drawn different BJP points. It likewise seems to have placed Resistance coalition INDIA in an issue, calling upon conciliatory abilities of the pioneers to safeguard solidarity.
Ms Banerjee, who has kept up with quiet for more than a day, made some noise after Congress remarks on the issue.

The Trinamool Congress boss – – who had recounted sacred texts in front of the get together surveys in face of BJP claims of minority submission – – pronounced, “We ought not be engaged with any matter which could hurt a part of individuals”.

To the extent that the comments (of Udhayanidhi Stalin) is concerned, he is a lesser. From my side, I’m not satisfactory about why and on what grounds he has offered the remark. I feel that every single religion ought to be similarly regarded,” Ms Banerjee said on Monday night, hours after her party representative referred to the remarks as “appalling”.

“I regard individuals of Tamil Nadu and South India. Yet, my unassuming solicitation to them is that to regard all as each religion has separate opinions,” Ms Banerjee said.

Highlighting the “Solidarity in Variety” and India’s comprehensive secularism, Ms Banerjee said, “I regard the Sanatana Dharma and we get our learnings from the Vedas… We have so many purohits and our state government offers annuity to them… We have such countless sanctuaries the nation over. We visit sanctuaries, mosques, and temples”.

Mr Stalin’s remark that Sanatana Dharma “is like intestinal sickness and dengue and should be destroyed” has given ammo to the BJP in front of a line of gathering races.

In the midst of tremendous reaction via online entertainment, the party has proclaimed that Mr Stalin’s remark is a “call for massacre” and blamed Congress’ Rahul Gandhi for being “Hostile to Hindu” due to his quiet.

The Congress has taken a nuanced position, saying all religions ought to be regarded and individuals have right to offer viewpoints. More youthful heads of the Congress like Priyank Kharge and Karti Chidambaram have supported Stalin Junior. So has CPM’s D Raja.

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