Cricket World Cup 2023: Sri Lanka Cancel Training Due To ‘Severe’ Air Pollution In Delhi

Sri Lanka had to drop their initial instructional meeting in New Delhi on Saturday due to “serious” air contamination.


After Bangladesh, Sri Lanka had to drop their initial instructional course in New Delhi on Saturday due to “extreme” air contamination. Bangladesh, who showed up here on Wednesday, had ruled against rehearsing on Friday as the contamination levels in the city hit the “extreme in addition to” classification. Sri Lanka followed them into remaining inside on Saturday when the Air Quality File remained at 407 AM. “It was dropped inferable from the air quality issue,” said a SLC source, alluding to the Saturday’s instructional course. Nonetheless, Bangladesh are probably going to overcome the contamination two days before the game on Monday. They are planned to prepare on Saturday from 6 PM.


An AQI somewhere in the range of nothing and 50 is thought of “good”, 51 and 100 “palatable”, 101 and 200 “moderate”, 201 and 300 “poor”, 301 and 400 “exceptionally poor”, and 401 and 500 “extreme”.


It is far-fetched that the Global Cricket Board (ICC) will move the game out of Delhi however the approach whether the match will go on might be required on that day.


“We are at present surveying what is happening. The ICC and our hosts the BCCI view the prosperity of all members in a serious way and are observing the air quality in Delhi. We are taking master guidance to survey what is going on,” an ICC representative told PTI.


The air quality is normally surveyed by match authorities upon the arrival of a game.


It isn’t the initial occasion when Sri Lanka are managing Delhi’s infamous air contamination. The players needed to wear veils during the Test series back in 2017.


On Friday, Bangladesh group chief Khaled Mahmud said the players created hack subsequent to going out in the city and in this manner the administration chose to drop the main instructional course.



On Friday, the air quality plunged to the “serious in addition to” classification.


“Many( cricketers) went out yesterday (Thursday) and presently they are having a hacking of some sort or another so there is a gamble factor included thus we dropped the preparation with the goal that they don’t get unwell,” expressed Mahmud at the group inn.

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