CBI searches senior Bengal Minister Firhad Hakim’s residence: Officials

The CBI directed look at the home of senior West Bengal serve Firhad Hakim in Kolkata on Sunday morning regarding its examination concerning the supposed abnormalities in enlistments made by the urban bodies in the state, authorities said.


Hakim, the priest of Metropolitan Turn of events and City Undertakings, is likewise the chairman of Kolkata. He is a senior head of the TMC and has critical influence in the party’s association.


A group of CBI officials arrived at Hakim’s home in south Kolkata’s Chetla region alongside an enormous group of focal powers, authorities said.


“Two CBI officials are addressing him,” a senior authority told PTI.


As the ventures started, Hakim’s allies assembled external his home, and started a dissent.


On Thursday, the Authorization Directorate (ED) looked through different areas, including the home of Food and Supplies Priest Rathin Ghosh, regarding the case.


It is asserted by the focal exploring offices that around 1,500 individuals were unlawfully enlisted by various municipal bodies in the state, somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2018, against financial contemplations.

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