3 Arrested For Faking Loot In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Tamando police on Tuesday captured three young people including the genius for faking a plunder of Rs 3.33 lakh and duping the police.


The blamed young people have been distinguished as Jayant Kumar Sahu, Nishikant Sahu and Raju Nayak. Jayant Kumar Sahu is the genius of the plunder show.


Police have held onto two cruisers and Rs 14,000 in real money from their ownership.


As indicated by reports, Jayant Kumar Sahu, who was filling in as the assortment specialist of ITC organization is the genius of the plunder show.


Jayant on Saturday had supposedly gathered a sum of Rs 3.33 lakh from different stores for the organization.


Purportedly as opposed to keeping the cash in the financial balance of his manager Jayant took to web based gaming where he lost over Rs 2 lakh. Jayant with the assistance of his assistants Nishikant and Raju instituted a plunder show close to a shopping center.


While Jayant was conveying the cash sack on a bicycle, his accessories Nishikant and Raju who were on another bicycle grabbed it and escaped the spot. The entire episode was caught on CCTV camera. Then, at that point, Jayant joined by his manager held up a protest with the Tamando police that the cash pack was plundered.


Be that as it may, during supported addressing by the police his assertions crisscrossed and truth emerged. Engineer Jayant and the other charged admitted to their wrongdoing before the police and have been captured.

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