Woman Comes Under Metro Train As Part Of Cloth Gets Stuck Between Doors, Dies

The Chief of Metro Railroad Wellbeing will hold an investigation into this episode, Mr Dayal said.


New Delhi: A 35-year-elderly person who had got under a metro train at Inderlok Station surrendered to wounds on Saturday at Safdarjung Clinic, an authority from the carrier said.

The lady, Reena, had gone under a metro train on Thursday after a piece of her dress stalled out between the metro entryways as they shut. It couldn’t be known whether the lady was getting off of the train or boarding it.


“An episode occurred at Inderlok Metro station on Thursday where at first sight apparently a lady traveler’s garments got snared in a train prompting wounds and ensuing death in medical clinic on Saturday,” Delhi Metro’s Main Advertising Official Anuj Dayal said.


The Chief of Metro Rail route Security will hold an investigation into this episode, Mr Dayal said.


Vicky, a relative of the lady, said she was going to Mohan Nagar from Nangloi in west Delhi when she met with the mishap.


“At the point when she arrived at Inderlok Metro Station and was changing the train, her saree stalled out. She tumbled down and got genuinely injured. She was confessed to Safdarjung Clinic in a basic condition. On Saturday night, she passed on,” he said.


Reena’s better half kicked the bucket something like quite a while back. She is made due by a child and a girl, Vicky said.


No quick response was gotten from the Delhi Police on the episode.

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