“Son Natural Heir…”: Congress Leader On Rahul Gandhi Dynasty Row

Rahul Gandhi had blamed the BJP for dynastic governmental issues and refered to the instances of Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh’s children.


New Delhi: Safeguarding Rahul Gandhi after he blamed the BJP for dynastic legislative issues, raising the children of Association clergymen Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh to help his case, Congress pioneer Rajmani Patel on Wednesday said the Gandhi family made penances for the country over ages and utilizing the dynastic slur at them was “silly”.

Addressing ANI on Wednesday, Rajmani Patel said, “A child is a characteristic beneficiary of his dad’s property. It is expected that he would assume control over anything his dad possessed. Where could the topic of tradition here be? How should a dad respond, give his properties to another person? Is it really at that time that the child wouldn’t be known as a dynast.”


“A genuine line is the point at which an individual, without any trace of legitimacy and qualification, is projected as a replacement for the sake of his dad,” he added.


“On the off chance that a child has merit, is qualified and committed, and is given a position or obligation, then, at that point, you can’t call him a dynast. At the point when the opportunity battle was on and penances must be made, it was just the Gandhi family that approached. They were the main family that made penances over ages,” Mr Patel said.


Attacking the BJP, he said it has no strategy or ventures for individuals and just deceives them by discussing administrations and playing the religion card.


Chhattisgarh Vice president Clergyman TS Singh Deo additionally stretched out his help to Rahul, saying, “The BJP has nothing else to do. They are not worried about the nation and are just centered around Rahul Gandhi. For this reason they continue to take as much time as is needed.”


RJD Pioneer Shivanand Tiwari additionally said something regarding the issue, saying, “You’ll see that in driving business houses, relatives assume control over when their elderly folks leave office or step down. Indeed, even in different callings, relatives take over from their seniors.”

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