Paradip Fishermen Sell Giant Bhola Fish For Rs 1.27 Lakh In Digha

Jaleswar: A gathering of anglers from Paradip in Jagatsinghpur locale got an enormous “Koi Bhola” fish from the ocean that weighed around two quintals.


They moved the goliath fish to Digha of West Bengal, around 40 km from here available to be purchased. The fish was sold for Rs 1.27 lakh.


A Kolkata-based drug organization bought the fish late night long bartering and counter-haggling.


This sort of fish has some therapeutic worth.


It contains a ton of throat, from which medications are made. This fish throat can likewise be sold abroad, as indicated by reports.


This sort of goliath Bhola fish is gotten seldom as it lives in the remote ocean. The angler who gets this fish becomes rich with only one catch.


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