Orissa High Court raps OPSC for unfair standards in NOC, DC accommodation

The Court coordinated OPSC to acknowledge the DC presented by Kartik and give him an arrangement by retribution his position from the date of his batchmates.


The Orissa High Court on Saturday descended vigorously on Odisha Public Help Commission (OPSC) for embracing biased standards in the accommodation of no complaint endorsement (NOC) for government workers and ex-servicemen candidates.The High Court was hearing a request documented by an ex-serviceman of Indian Naval force, Kartik Senapati. Kartik had effectively gotten both the Prelims and Mains free from Odisha Common Administrations 2020 and the character test hung on September 23, 2022.


During the meeting, the High Court saw that the OPSC embraced various standards for government workers and ex-servicemen up-and-comers in the accommodation of their NOC and Release Authentication (DC) during Common Administrations recruitment.While government workers were being given the freedom to deliver the NOC and DC at the last phase of the enrollment cycle, Kartik Senapati was dismissed during record confirmation on the ground that his DC was given after the last date of accommodation of online application structure, New Indian Express detailed.


In spite of clearing the two Prelims, Mains and character test, Kartik was dismissed and he later thumped the entryways of the Great Court.The single adjudicator seat of Equity AK Mohapatra said, “On a cautious thought of the previously mentioned verifiable perspectives, this Court is of the considered view that the provision accommodating accommodation of the DC inside the last date fixed for accommodation of use structure is profoundly erratic and oppressive. In such perspective regarding this situation, this court has no faltering to hold that the OPSC had no position to dismiss the candidature of Kartik Senapati.””The dismissal request is unreasonable according to regulation,” Equity Mohapatra further stated.Later, the Court coordinated OPSC to acknowledge the DC presented by Kartik and give him arrangement by retribution his status from the date of his batchmates. Be that as it may, the candidate will not guarantee any compensation or monetary advantages for the aforementioned period.

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