Odisha Woman, Branded ‘Witch’ And Driven Out Of Home, Reunited With Daughter After 12 Years

She found her little girl at a Kid Care Organization (CCI) in Baripada after a representative found the young lady’s parentage from among 500 sections nearly by some coincidence.


Bhubaneswar: A lady in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj locale, who needed to leave her three-year-old girl at her parents in law’s place subsequent to being marked a witch, has rejoined with her youngster after a hole of something like 12 years.

She found her girl at a Youngster Care Organization (CCI) in Baripada after a worker found the young lady’s parentage from among 500 sections nearly by some coincidence, an authority said on Thursday.


The detainees of the CCI commended the get-together by applauding and moving as the mother-girl pair was crying bittersweet tears delight.


The lady, presently 37, as of now remains in an ashram in Puducherry. She reached the Locale Youngster Security Official (DCPO) subsequent to getting the telephone number on the web.


“She came to Baripada looking for her girl. It was truly challenging to find one specific young lady among 500 detainees (in 11 CCIs in the area).


“The young lady was just 3 years of age when confessed to the CCI and she was unable to review the name of her mom. She used to address her similarly as Maa,” Mayurbhanj DCPO Mamatamayee Biswal told PTI.


As the DCPO’s office couldn’t find her little girl at first, she got disappointed and left for Puducherry. “Luckily, one of our staff distinguished the young lady’s parentage nearly by some coincidence. I called up the mother when she was right around 100 km from Baripada. She returned and saw her little girl after such countless years,” Biswal said.


It was a personal scene when the two met last week, said the authority.


“The two of them were grinning as tears moved down their cheeks. Everyone present there was crying,” Biswal described.


The young lady later told Biswal: “I have everything on the planet in the wake of tracking down my mom. I don’t have the foggiest idea what a dad is in the existence of an individual. Say thanks to God that my mom is alive and gotten back to me.” After the troublesome passing of her significant other and being marked as a witch, the ancestral lady boarded a train and some way or another arrived at an ashram in Puducherry.


The little girl who stayed in the family was ignored and the residents moved her to one of the CCIs run by Odisha government’s Ladies and Kid Improvement division in Mayubhanj area.


“However she attempted to figure out her girl during these 12 years, the lady couldn’t get her. She likewise couldn’t visit her dead spouse’s town dreading further torment. At long last, she came to us and got back her youngster,” Biswal said.


For the time being, the young lady will keep on remaining at the CCI, the DCPO said.


“She has her class 10 board assessment one year from now. Her mom is permitted to come and meet the young lady. She might take her little girl alongside her after finishing of her tenth standard assessment,” Biswal said.

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