Movies to politics, Udhayanidhi Stalin rose to power and is currently under fire for claims about “Sanatan Dharma.”

“Let me restate the key point of my remarks: I think Sanatan Dharma is responsible for many social ills, just like how mosquitoes propagate diseases like COVID-19, Dengue, and Malaria.”-Udhayanidhi Stalin

The DMK scion and current Tamil Nadu minister’s role in the movie “Maamannan,” which was released in June, became a hot topic since it addressed the issue of caste and its significance in Dravidian politics.

He is the future face of the DMK and is currently embroiled in a dispute over remarks he made regarding “Sanatan Dharma.” The son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin and the state’s minister for sports and youth affairs, Udhayanidhi Stalin, has come under fire from the BJP for allegedly calling for the eradication of Hinduism’s Sanatan Dharma and equating it with ailments like “dengue, malaria, and Covid-19” at a press conference on Saturday in Chennai. However, Udhayanidhi refuted Amit Malviya’s accusations that he called for “genocide,” and he stood by his assertion that Sanatan Dharma “divides people in the name of caste and religion” and needs to be “uprooted.”

“Let me restate the key point of my remarks: I think Sanatan Dharma is responsible for many social ills, just like how mosquitoes propagate diseases like COVID-19, Dengue, and Malaria.”

The well-known Tamil actor and producer Udhayanidhi entered active politics before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections when he was named the DMK’s youth wing secretary. The Chepauk-Thiruvallikeni constituency in Chennai, which is one of the DMK’s safest Assembly seats, was where the 45-year-old ran for office for the first time in 2021. He joined the state Cabinet a year later.

At that point, numerous in the party were not amazed by his height. A senior chief reviewed Udhayanid

hi’s mission visits during the 2019 general races, when he “ventured to every part of the state with only a ‘solitary block’ (waving it as verification of the incomplete work on AIIMS-Madurai, under the AIADMK-BJP government)”. The DMK won 24 of Tamil Nadu’s 39 Lok Sabha seats with a 32.8% vote share.

Udhayanidhi and ‘Maamannan’

Presently, Udhayanidhi is likewise a star fascination of the DMK’s web-based entertainment handles, which frequently highlight visuals of the Karunanidhi family scion visiting ghettos in his body electorate, especially during the blustery and flood-inclined seasons. In June, a film featuring Udhayanidhi turned into the idea as it handled the topic of rank and its place in Dravidian legislative issues. Created by Red Goliath, a creation house connected to the DMK’s most memorable family, Maamannan was coordinated by acclaimed producer Mari Selvaraj. It shed light on the station biases inside Dravidian parties, especially in the Kongu locale of western Tamil Nadu.

While the DMK isn’t the primary party to turn into a family domain, a Bureau including both a dad and child is still somewhat uncommon. Its naysayers have scrutinized the proceeded with hold of one family in a party conceived out of a civil rights development and that depends on its philosophical moorings in the Dravidian development.

M Karunanidhi, who assumed control over the reins of the DMK from organizer C N Annadurai, throughout the long term obliged the two his children Stalin and M K Alagiri, as well as little girl Kanimozhi, in unmistakable party positions. Nonetheless, in what was viewed as a fig leaf, Karunanidhi made Stalin work it out for quite a while behind the scenes and he got his most memorable Bureau post just when he was in his late 50s.

Be that as it may, given Stalin’s finished hold over the party, voices contradicting against Udhayanidhi have to a great extent been weak. “At the point when Stalin was designated to the Karunanidhi Bureau in the 2006-2011 government, complaints over him were being picked over other meriting pioneers. While Udhayanidhi could have to deal with comparative penalties now, it was this arrangement that made ready for Stalin to arise as CM,” a DMK pioneer contended back when Udhayanidhi arranged to take up his ecclesiastical position. Udhayanidhi had recently turned down a clerical post in 2021 refering to film responsibilities.

In his confidential life, Udhayanidhi is known to be not excessively politically aggressive and for his vicinity to his mom Durga. The last option is accepted to have pushed his case forcefully to guarantee that the post-Stalin progression process is a smooth one not at all like her better half’s who needed to go head to head against his sibling.

Udhayanidhi’s Red Monster Motion pictures is considered to triumph ultimately the final say regarding the Tamil entertainment world at this point. In any event, when the DMK was in power from 2006 to 2011, it confronted allegations of endeavoring to consume the entertainment world, with command over creation, dissemination, display and offer of film privileges. Udhayanidhi’s better half Kiruthiga has interests in design, distribution and film and narrative creation. A web series composed and coordinated by her, Paper Rocket, was delivered a year ago.


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