Meeting at 3.30 tomorrow’: Nitish Kumar takes first action on Bihar station report

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said the report of the position study will be introduced to heads of nine ideological groups in the state gathering at 3.30pm on Tuesday


PATNA: The Bihar government on Monday delivered the principal set of information of the rank based specification 2022 that put the extent of in reverse and very in reverse classes (EBCs) populace in the state at 27% and 36%, separately.


Delivering the report, acting boss secretary-cum-improvement chief Vivek Kumar Singh said the point by point investigation of the information would be led later. “The information gathered during the activity, directed in two stages, will assist the state government with arranging formative procedure in future,” he said.


Bihar boss pastor Nitish Kumar and his representative Tejashwi Yadav later independently supported the state government making such a memorable stride on a notable day. Kumar said the report of the rank review will be introduced to heads of nine ideological groups in the state gathering at 3.30pm on Tuesday. Tejashwi Yadav said the time had come to direct a comparable overview at the public level.


As per the information delivered on Monday, Bihar’s EBC populace, which incorporates 112 stations, was 36.01% of Bihar’s populace of 131 million. The retrogressive classes, involving 30 ranks, represent 27.12% and the upper standings (including four Hindu and three Muslim positions) comprise 15.52% populace. The planned positions (SC), comprising of 22 ranks, are 19.65% and booked clans, involving 32 sub-standings, are 1.68%.

Among the regressive classes, Yadavs comprise 14.26% of the populace, while Kushwaha and Kurmi are 4.27% and 2.87%.

Nitish Kumar said the public authority will take all networks along and will choose the subsequent stages in the wake of accepting everybody’s viewpoint at Tuesday’s gathering.

Bihar vice president serve Tejashwi Yadav said, “…From the start, our interest has been to have a position based enumeration. Yet, we have had a standing based review. The logical information of the position based study has been delivered today…We have accomplished notable work in a limited capacity to focus time and delivered the data…Our battle has been for civil rights and monetary equity. In this way, the public authority will try for something similar. We will attempt to get government assistance plans in light of the logical data…”

Yadav said the public authority will presently design government assistance plans for the denied and discouraged areas.

Yadav’s party associate and MP, Manoj K Jha, said: “The outcomes let you know that 85% individuals have a place with underestimated networks. Today, October 2, is a noteworthy day. Today, the reason for civil rights has new strength.”

Samrat Choudhary, state leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), then again, faulted the public authority for putting out a crazy report and focused on that it ought to likewise finish the financial perspective and delivery its discoveries so that individuals get to know which local area was improving.

The Resistance Indian Public Formative Comprehensive Partnership (INDIA) has been requesting that the overview ought to be done broadly with an end goal to make it an issue on which they battle the 2024 public political race.

The review was requested by Bihar’s mahagathbandhan government – a collusion of Kumar’s Janata Dal (Joined together), the Rashtriya Janata Dal, and the Congress — after the Middle declined the state’s solicitation for a headcount of gatherings other than SCs, STs and strict minorities as a feature of the Statistics.

The association government has been irresolute about the issue, in spite of the fact that it set up the Rohini Commission to sub-order the 27% booking for other in reverse classes because a lot of this was being hoarded by the predominant groupings. The commission, which was named in 2017, at long last presented its report in August this year.

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