Looking For A Guilt-Free Evening Snack? Try Ragi And Methi Mathri For A Healthy Bite

Evening Nibble Recipes: In the event that you’re on the chase after sound night snacks, here’s a scrumptious ragi and methi mathri recipe for you to attempt.


HighlightsMathri is a well known Indian break time snack.Try this better variant made utilizing ragi and methi.It makes for a delectable nibble to appreciate with your chai.


There’s a feeling of euphoria that we feel while having evening snacks.


Following a furious day at work, this is the time we anticipate the most. Notwithstanding, the greater part of these night snacks are weighed down with ghee or oil. This keeps weight-watchers from enjoying them. However, this doesn’t imply that you need to check your desires constantly. All things being equal, we choose better tidbits that are made utilizing healthy fixings and better cooking techniques. In the event that you’re on the chase after solid night snacks, here’s a delectable ragi and methi mathri recipe for you to attempt.


It tastes so great that you will not have the option to stop at only one. The most amazing aspect? You can appreciate it absolutely irreproachable! Right away, how about we figure out how to make it.What Is Ragi And Methi Mathri?As the name recommends, this mathri is made with the integrity of ragi and methi.


It likewise incorporates the utilization of atta and suji, which further add to its surface and supplement remainder. Ghee adds wealth to the mathri, while dark pepper adds a sprinkle of zest. This mathri is heated rather than the customary profound broiling technique. It is falling short on the carbohydrate content, yet there’s no think twice about flavor. It is entirely firm and offers an eruption of flavor in each chomp. You can partake in this ragi and methi mathri alongside your night cup of chai or espresso. It’ll be a hit among your family, and you’ll wind up making it over and over.


Ragi And Methi Mathri Recipe | How To Make Ragi And Methi MathriThis recipe for ragi and methi mathri was shared by an Instagram handle that goes by the name @globalvegproject. Regardless, add ragi flour, semolina (suji), entire wheat flour (atta), dark pepper, jeera powder, salt, simmered kasuri methi, and a liberal measure of ghee to an enormous bowl. Blend well. Add some water and manipulate well to shape a smooth mixture. Presently, carry out the mixture utilizing a moving pin. Try not to carry it out excessively slight. It ought to be of medium thickness. Take a shaper and carry it out into the ideal shape. Punch holes into them utilizing a fork and heat in a preheated broiler at 180 degrees C for 15 to 20 minutes. Your ragi and methi mathri are fit to be savored. Watch the point by point recipe video underneath:

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