In ₹ 353 Crore Corruption Case, Arvind Kejriwal Sends Report To Lt Governor

Delhi Boss Secretary Naresh Kumar is blamed for controlling a land bargain including the Public Thruways Position to guarantee a benefit of ₹ 315 crore to an organization connected to his child.


New Delhi: Delhi Boss Clergyman Arvind Kejriwal has sent a report charging “at first sight” verification of debasement by Boss Secretary Naresh Kumar, the senior-most government worker presented on the Delhi government, to Lieutenant Lead representative VK Saxena, government sources said Wednesday morning.

Mr Kejriwal has additionally sent the report – which suggests Mr Kumar be eliminated from his post and suspended from additional posting forthcoming a request – to the CBI and Implementation Directorate.


Mr Kumar was blamed last week for controlling a land procurement bargain including the Public Interstates Power to guarantee a benefit of ₹ 313 crore to an organization connected to his child. The Main Priest’s office had looked for an itemized report on these charges from his Cautiousness Clergyman, Atishi.


That report – 670 pages in length – was submitted Tuesday and, earlier today, sent to Delhi Lieutenant Lead representative VK Saxena and analytical organizations that report to the BJP-drove focus.


It guarantees the arrangement might have involved a bonus gain of ₹ 897 crore for the partners.


The report likewise suggests Divisional Official Ashwani Kumar be eliminated from his post.


The Central Secretary has not responded up to this point, yet the Divisional Chief came out firmly in the previous’ help this week. On Friday, Naresh Kumar called the claims an endeavor at “mud-throwing” by “disappointed components” themselves having to deal with defilement penalties.


Last week Mr Kejriwal’s office sent a protest from a legal counselor – whose character has been covered up – connecting with the offer of a 19-section of land plot of land in Delhi’s southwest.


The land was purchased in 2018 by the NHAI for the development of the Dwarka Freeway.


The first deal cost of ₹ 41.52 crore was chosen by the then locale organization.


This was raised to ₹ 353.79 crore by Hemant Kumar, the then South West Delhi locale officer. Mr Kumar was subsequently suspended and his request put away.


The landowner who was to get the greater cost – Subhash Chand Kathuria – is connected with one Aman Sarin, the advertiser of Anant Raaj Ltd, and has claimed connections to the Delhi Boss Secretary’s child.


This most recent defilement column comes as the AAP is secured in a fight with the BJP, which controls the middle and – because of the Delhi Administrations Bill – move of civil servants and workers in the city.


It likewise comes as Mr Kejriwal and his AAP face a consolidated CBI-ED test in the Delhi alcohol strategy case. Previous Delhi Vice president Priest Manish Sisodia has been captured regarding this case, as has top pioneer Sanjay Singh. Mr Kejriwal was gathered for addressing yet skirted the call.

The CBI might test “trick” points; i.e., “personal stakes, including public specialists” who might be hoping to censure the Main Secretary’s picture, government sources told PTI.


The watchfulness serve, in her report, has likewise prescribed that a reference be made to the ED for the probability of tax evasion in the land buy by its ongoing proprietors in 2015 and ensuing “unlawful remuneration” granted in 2023 for its obtaining.

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