Controlling cholesterol to advancing absorption; many advantages of tamarind

Tamarind of imli not just adds a hint of tang to your dinners, yet in addition shields you against numerous ongoing illnesses.


“In the dynamic universe of superfoods, there is one jewel that frequently slips through the cracks — the unassuming tamarind. This unpretentious organic product not just adds a tart curve to our dishes yet additionally sneaks up all of a sudden that merits celebrating,” says Nutritionist Lovneet Batra in her new Instagram post.


Tamarind is a decent wellspring of cell reinforcements, particularly L-ascorbic acid, flavonoids, carotenes, vitamin B complex. It helps in improving and fortifying the safe framework.


Tamarind is an incredible wellspring of potassium which is utilized for controlling the pulse and adjusting liquid.

It contains polyphenols like flavonoids, some of which can assist with directing cholesterol levels. Also, somewhat high in magnesium assists in keeping up with blooding pressure.

Tamarindienal, a compound segregated from the natural product, displays antifungal movement.


Tamarind goes about as a tonic, carminative, disinfectant, cleaning specialist and febrifuge and controls the failing of digestive organs and different organs of processing.


From chutneys to curries, tamarind adds zing to your feasts while advancing your wellbeing. It’s not only a tart treat; it’s your day to day portion of prosperity.

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