Blood Spills Inside Srimandir After Servitor-Staff Battle; Gods Go through ‘Maha Snana’

Puri: Servitors in Shree Jagannath sanctuary today performed ‘Maha Snana’ custom (refinement of divinities) of Ruler Jagannath and his kin after blood spilled on the floor inside the twelfth century place of worship following a battle between a servitor and a sanctuary worker.


The occurrence occurred not long after the Madhyana Dhupa customs at 3.40 pm when a representative conflicted with a servitor over the portion of a ‘Pitha Bhoga’ inside the sanctum sanctorum.


The servitor named Babuli Pradhan endured wounds on the face in the fight. The two of them traded blows within the sight of different servitors.


Public darshan was ended for after the episode.


Singhadwar police confined the two of them and begun addressing them. Till filling of the report, no grumbling was held up by one or the other side.


According to the sanctuary custom, in the event that blood stains are found in the ‘Garbha Gruha’, Maha Snana’ custom is performed and the inside of the sanctum is purged in a custom.


Fans are not permitted to enter the place of worship till the fruition of the ceremonies.

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