Amarnath Cave Shrine Gets Motorable Road Amid Concerns Over Ecology

The undertaking, notwithstanding, has gotten analysis by a few Kashmiri Pandits who dread unfriendly effect of the street on cave sanctuary and delicate nature of the area.


The Boundary Streets Association (Brother) has finished the development of street to the popular Amarnath cave holy place in Jammu and Kashmir. The Brother has named the finish of street as memorable and drove its previously set of vehicles to the sanctuary at an elevation of 13000 feet in Kashmiri Himalayas.

The task, nonetheless, has gotten analysis by a few Kashmiri Pandits who dread unfavorable effect of the street on cave place of worship and delicate environment of the area.


The Brother put out a video of its trucks traveling through recently built Baltal-Cavern sanctum street on X, previously Twitter.


As indicated by Brother, the Venture Reference point was entrusted with the reclamation and improvement of Amarnath Yatra tracks. After consummation of the street, the Brother says that effective transportation of vehicles “denotes a critical accomplishment for the Brother, as they intended to arrive at the site before the beginning of snowfall”.


A few group have, in any case, reprimanded the move. Rahul Pandita, a creator has communicated concern and named the way to the sacred cavern a “terrible move”.


“This is a tragic move. The cavern is under gigantic strain as of now. The ice Shivling will vanish, don’t do this.


Mohit Bhan, a legislator from Kashmir named the street to buckle hallowed place a “wrongdoing against Hinduism and confidence in nature”. He charges that it is an endeavor to transform otherworldly spots into cookout spots for political gains and cautions a fiasco like Joshimath in Uttarakhand because of uncontrolled development.


Tapesh Kaul, another Kashmiri pandit, additionally communicated concern adn said this street development is transforming profound objections into substantial wilderness and traveler places.


“I’m truly shocked the way in which these tranquil otherworldly, divine spots are gradually changed over into substantial wildernesses from what it used to be a serene profound objective in the focal point of nature,” Mr Kaul said. “It’s so unsettling to see that our fundamental religion holy places are gradually changed into a vacationer locations of some kind,” he said.


The Brother has said that the street broadening has been finished for almost 13 kilometer’s from the Sangam base to the cavern sanctum.


Early this year, Association Transport Priest Nitin Gadkari declared the development of 110 km-long Amarnath Marg prompting the blessed Amarnath cave sanctum in Pahalgam at an expense of roughly ₹ 5,300 crore to improve comfort of travelers.

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