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Reaching Home In 5 Minutes, She Said. But Jigisha Ghosh Never Came Back

“I’m arriving at home shortly. Keep my morning meal prepared”: That was her last call.


New Delhi: “I’m arriving at home in a short time. Keep my morning meal prepared”: That was her last call.

14 years following 28-year-old Jigisha Ghosh’s homicide, her mom Sabita Ghosh reviewed the difficult day as the decision was conveyed in Titles Today columnist Soumya Vishwanathan’s homicide case.


The homicides of her little girl and Soumya are profoundly interlinked. Three of the men charged and subsequently sentenced in the two cases are something similar. They were the very posse that went after the two ladies, when they were getting back from work.


Jigisha Ghosh, an I-T chief, was captured and killed in Walk 2009, only couple of meters from her home in Vasant Vihar. She was getting back promptly toward the beginning of the day, subsequent to completing introductions for a US project.


Soumya, a 25-year-old writer with Titles Today, was killed at Delhi’s Vasant Vihar on September 30, 2008, while she was coming back from work. Her body was tracked down in her vehicle. She had experienced a headshot.


However Soumya’s homicide happened a year prior to, the police simply figured out how to break the case after they captured Ravi Kapoor, Amit Shukla and Baljeet Malik in the Jigisha murder and burglary case.


“Soumya’s case was a visually impaired case, there was no proof, till the captures in my daugher’s case,” said Sabita Ghosh.


“In my girl’s case, they tracked down hard proof, similar to her trimmings, her cell phone. They could follow the things they purchased with her cards. They purchased covers, wrist watch and shoes with her cards. Yet, my girl used to on a level plane sign. Though Ravi Kapoor had endorsed against the card expenses upward. That was one obvious proof which showed that there was burglary and misappropriation connected to the homicide,” she added.


The Delhi Police figured out how to draw an obvious conclusion regarding the two cases after the blamed purportedly admitted to shooting Soumya Vishwanathan in a comparable burglary endeavor.


Soumya Vishwanathan’s family and Jigisha Ghosh’s family lived inside a short distance of one another, in South Delhi’s Vasant Vihar region.


In the underlying long stretches of the two examinations, the two families stayed in contact with one another. Be that as it may, Jigisha’s case wrapped up before, with capital punishment being granted to two of the convicts and life sentence to the third in 2016. It was around the very time that Soumya Vishwanathan’s case hit lawful obstacles, with change in open examiner.


The sentence for two of the blamed in Jigisha case was subsequently driven to life by the Delhi High court.


“After the preliminary moved past, we moved to Noida, and have not been in contact with Soumya’s loved ones. Yet, am extremely glad that she and her family have at long last got equity that they merit,” said Mrs Ghosh.


Despite the fact that in the two cases the indictment has figured out how to get a conviction, the families actually hang tight for conclusion.


“My little girl was a modest young lady. She was only four years into her work. She had a brilliant future in front of her. We needed capital punishment for the charged. However, we had proactively gone through a long fight in court in our advanced age, thus we ruled against engaging in the High Court,” Mrs Ghosh said.


Condemning in the Soumya Vishwanathan murder case is booked for October 26.

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