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‘tentative list’ for Parliament’s special session of 4 bills in government


The Middle delivered a ‘speculative rundown’ of the plan for Parliament’s unique meeting from September 18 to 22 which included ...

G20 Highest point: SDGs To Ladies Drove Advancement — 6 Plan Things Set By India During the current Year


G20 Culmination 2023: India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant said the Pioneers’ Statement will mirror the voice of Worldwide South – ...

Chandrayaan-3 lander landed around 600 km from Moon’s south pole, says NASA; discharges picture


STORY Diagram NASA delivers a picture of Chandrayaan-3 lander ‘Vikram’ on the lunar surface US space organization says India’s lander ...

Paradip Port Authority sacks engineer after RDC course


PARADIP: Managing engineer (SE) of Paradip Port Power (PPA) Pramod Kumar Bindhani has been sacked for supposedly presenting a phony ...